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A small family achieving big things

What started as a small family delicatessen 10 years ago, has grown into one of Liverpool’s most beloved eateries. Now spread across six venues, P&D is an authentic Italian food hub, feeding the people of this city with delicacies from our homeland.

Applying heaps of knowledge, love and passion we are able to create delicious food, desserts, confectionary and drinks that really celebrate our heritage. Keeping things true and traditional, P&D is truly a family affair which can be felt in the comforting atmosphere of each venue within the quarter.

Our dedication to our culture is expressed in the love and care in everything we do from freshly baked breads and artisan chocolate to our signature dessert and brunch restaurant, you can guarantee that passion has gone into every bite.

Meet the family behind the magic

Meet the passionate individuals who bring the taste of Italy to life at PD Italian Quarter. Our team is dedicated to delivering the finest Italian dining experience, ensuring that every dish reflects the authenticity and rich flavors of our Italian heritage.


Donato Owner of the Italian Quarter

Donato's introduction into the restaurant industry started when he was just 13 years old. Growing up studying and working in various hotels and restaurants across Venice, Donato developed his love and knowledge of Italian food and wine.

At just 21 years old, Donato opened his first restaurant with the help of his mother, father, wife and brother. While doing this Donato also taught at a hotel and catering college in his home town of Potenza.

Originally living in Italy, Donato moved to Liverpool to help his brother open his first business Il Forno. They later opened the Gran Caffè, which Donato now solely runs and has built into an empire of family businesses called the Italian Quarter.

Donato’s main aim was to share his love and passion he and his family have for Italian cuisine and modern treats, he wanted to create a concept that offered something for everyone.

Donato approaches every business venture with the same mission and objective – to tell the story of Italian tradition, culture and philosophy through artisan produce.


Carmine Managing Director of the P&D Bakery

Carmine joined his family in Liverpool at the age of 28 where he brought his experience and training as a top tier Pizzaiolo to his brother Donato’s business.

For Carmine, his work is everything, because it brings with it the opportunity to share with the people of Liverpool the traditions and beauty of Italian culture.

His craft comes with a lot of study and a lot of hard work, but for Carmine the joys of seeing a happy and contented customer enjoying his creations makes it worthwhile.


Owner of Antonietta Wholesale Cake & Gelato and Creamy Creations

Antonietta was born in Southern Italy, where she discovered a love and passion for creating beautiful artisanal cakes.

After moving to Liverpool with her family to support her husband Donato on his quest to bring authentic Italian food to the city, Antonietta began her own adventure in the world of baking.

Antonietta runs two businesses within the Italian Quarter – Creamy Creations and Antonietta’s Wholesale Cakes and Gelato. Her delicious Italian and modern delicacies are also sold in the Gran Caffè.


Antonio Managing Director of Brunchin’

Antonio is the visionary of the family, motivated to change the face of the gastronomic industry in Liverpool by uniting two key features of food that can often feel in opposition – health and taste.

In May 2020, Antonio launched Brunchin’, a space that makes supporting your health enjoyable.

For Antonio, every day is a chance to get stronger, eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of yourself.

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